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Thrive as a developer.

Receive hands-on training and guidance as you immerse yourself in the world of coding with our most advanced bootcamp to date.

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  • Online; full-time and part time
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  • Expert 1-on-1 quality code review

What is Immersive learning?

Our Immersive bootcamps get their name from the deep dive that our students take into learning to code: they immerse themselves in a rich and dedicated learning environment that focuses on practical skills development and real problem solving, with frequent progression check-ins.

The name also speaks to the level of dedication that is required from the student. This is not a course that is done when you have some spare time – the student needs to immerse themselves in the process in order to reap its full benefits.

What is an Immersive bootcamp?

  • An immersive bootcamp is an in-depth, advanced coding course that prepares students to work as multi-role developers.

  • Its intensive learning structure and heavy focus on practical skills development teaches students a rich and varied tech skill set across various tech stacks. This makes it a powerful alternative to traditional diplomas, computer science degrees, or one-year higher education certificate programs, with a significantly reduced cost of education.

  • You’ll graduate from our Immersive bootcamps with the skills to do a wide range of industry work, thanks to this course’s combination of expert review of the code you write, formal progression check-ins, and consistent education & career development support.


Why you should choose an
immersive bootcamp.


Learn a rich set of industry-level skills

Up-to-date industry-aligned content that helps you
develop job-ready skills to make complex software
applications and create beautiful, functional websites


All new advanced content

Advanced modules specifically designed to add
depth to your skills and give you greater flexibility
when you enter the career space.


A bootcamp is just better

Learn practical skills that prepare you for real tech
work, in a recognised immersive coding course
online. It’s a powerful alternative to traditional
computer science degree programs.


A deep dive into advanced programming

Our immersive bootcamps’ intensive duration gives
you more time to develop a rich and varied tech skill
set, and more time to maximise your expertise.


Work on projects that build up your portfolio

Complete capstone projects and create real, working
programs that will enrich your technical portfolio as
you start looking for work.


Accredited learning & certified results

Graduate with 30 credits, aligned under the South
African National Certificate in Information
Technology Development, NQF Level 5 (RSA only).

Who should take an
Immersive coding bootcamp:

Someone who wants to:
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  • Learn a lot in a relatively short space of time.
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  • Totally immerse themselves in a rich learning environment that extensively develops their practical skills.
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  • Develop a rich and varied set of developer skills for any tech role.
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  • Enjoy the success of overcoming a challenge.
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  • Use the skills they’ve learned as a foundation for their growth.
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  • Take what they learn and run with it.

Graduate with an arsenal of developer skills
through our most intense coding bootcamp.

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How our Immersive coding
bootcamps work

  • On our Immersive bootcamp, you’ll spend 6-12 months in a dedicated learning environment solving real coding problems with industry-standard techniques and tools.
  • Our unique approach of hybrid learning combines the flexibility and efficiency of taking immersive coding courses online with the job-ready skills acceleration of an industry-leading coding curriculum. This two-factor approach maximises the speed of your coding progress, while offering a level of personalised learning support that ensures you're making consistent progress to graduating with a mastery of developer skills.

Our Immersive
bootcamps in practice:

The Certified Full Stack Web & Software Engineer Bootcamp
  • Our Immersive bootcamps’ multi-level progressive curriculum covers advanced topics in both software engineering and web development to teach students an extensive set of essential skills, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the MERN stack, and more.
  • Regular capstone projects and practical assignments allow you to graduate from your immersive software and web development bootcamp with a rich portfolio of working projects that prove your ability as a developer.

Full Stack Web &
Software Engineer

Chanelle Bösiger HyperionDev student
The syllabus is set in such a way that you gradually build up your knowledge and see how they are connected. When I code the time flies straight out of the window. Like they say, time flies when you are having fun.

Why you should join our most
advanced bootcamps.


More skills means more opportunity

Learn essential and advanced skills that will give you
more flexibility and opportunity in your tech career.


Get connected with hirers and the industry

Get premium membership to our exclusive network
for developers and hirers to kick-start your job search.


Advanced practical skills development

Go beyond single-topic online courses, with new
modules and tasks that help you to develop
advanced skills and build a portfolio of real coding
projects and programs.


Full support to kick-start your career

Benefit from full career development support,
including technical CV assistance, professional
interview coaching, and help getting your developer
portfolio published.


No entrance exams or formal requirements

We believe that people are more than just a piece of
paper. Applicants to this Immersive bootcamp are
only asked to pass a short problem-solving and logic
exercise to assess their ability to think out of the box.


Powerful blended learning to match your needs

Learn your way. Become a job-ready developer full-
time or part-time to suit your education goals, career
plans, and personal schedule, with comprehensive
feedback from one of our expert code reviewers.

Get the coding skills
that will set you apart.

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