Full Stack Web &
Software Engineer

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the full MERN stack, and more.
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  • Learn to manage the front end and back end of a website.
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  • Learn essential software engineering and full stack web
    development skills.
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  • Manage databases, create applications, and be confident in any
    tech position.


Master both software engineering
and web development

Learn an extensive set of essential software engineering and full stack web development skills, including HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, and the full MERN stack, as you build a portfolio of projects that will make you stand out.

Learn job-ready skills

Up-to-date industry-aligned content that helps you develop job-ready skills to become a software engineer or online web developer.

All-new advanced content

Advanced new modules in PHP, advanced JavaScript, and more, specifically designed to add depth to your development skills and give you greater flexibility when you enter the career space.

NQF Level 5 approved

Learn industry-aligned skills in an accredited and recognised online course. This immersive bootcamp carries 30 credits which is aligned to a NQF level 5 qualification (RSA only).


Become a
developer with true
career choice

The advanced skills focus of our Full Stack Web and Software Engineer bootcamp makes it ideal for launching a multi-role developer career that brings you the freedom to work in a wide range of jobs, including software engineering, data management, and full stack web development.

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Full stack web developer

Work with the ‘full stack’ of web technologies to build both the front end and back end of websites, to create online stores, homepages, and other platforms that look great and work better.

Software engineer

Write the code that makes the applications and software work for any major business across all different kinds of industries.

DevOps engineer

Combine IT, software engineering, and business management to decide what kinds of technology a business needs and the process for implementing those technologies.

Solutions architect

Design, engineer, and manage to-spec solutions for business needs and requirements of all kinds. In this career field, you turn everyday business problems into software that solves them.


What you’ll learn

Our blended method of learning is proven to get you coding better and entering the workplace faster than traditional computer science degree programs. Begin with the basic concepts of online web development, software engineering, and database management, and then progress to highly advanced programming methods and techniques.
This online course uses a combination of hybrid learning, close technical support, and hands-on capstone projects to take you through increasingly advanced coding topics, so that you will learn a rich developer skill set for any programming work.

Level 1

Programming and Web Development Basics


Introduction to programming essentials

Master the basics of programming, full stack web development, and data management through variables and operators.


Comprehensive web development

Learn to use HTML, CSS, and SCSS to create beautiful, working websites.



Introduce added complexity and functionality to your websites through JavaScript.


Version control

Learn how to use the Git and GitHub platforms to keep your webpages and projects up-to-date and working.


Capstone projects (4)

Put your knowledge to the test to create your own games and working e-commerce store webpage.

Level 2

Advanced Programming Concepts

Level 3

Advanced Web Development with MERN stack

Level 4

90-day Graduate Program

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One curriculum, two different ways to study

Study software engineering and web development in this immersive online course and become a multi-talented industry-ready software engineer and full stack web developer within 6-12 months. Learn through industry-aligned course content, and get code review and feedback from full stack web development and software engineering experts in real time.

Duration Time commitment Check-ins Review time Support


6 months 40 hours per week 6 check-ins Code review & feedback within 36 hours on weekdays Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions


12 months 10-20 hours per week 6 check-ins Code review & feedback within 48 hours on weekdays Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions


How we’ll make you a job-ready developer in 6-12 months

Hybrid learning. Practical skills development. Career readiness coaching. Our holistic approach to coding education turns students into professional developers who are ready to build industry-grade programs.

A new way of learning to code

Enjoy a new, blended way to learn code, with 1-on-1 code review from experts via video chats and frequent progression check-ins..

Advanced course content

This is more than just an online software engineering course. Learn concepts from a wide range of computer science fields in this structured and intense online course.

In-depth career coaching

Receive full career development support on technical interviews, CV building, portfolio creation, and placement, in our 90-Day Graduate Program.

Accredited course material

Receive recognised credits as you study web and software development. This online course bears NQF Level 5 credits (The Republic of South Africa only).

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Featured story

“My experience at HyperionDev really impacted my career as it put me in a position to get the job I have today.”

Leandri, from Risk & Fraud Analyst to Junior Software Engineer.

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On-site Software engineer student

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On-site web development student

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Part-time web developer student

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Vusi and Tha

Vusi and Tha

On-site Software engineer student

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On-site Software engineer student

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On-site web development student

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Part-time web developer student

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Vusi and Tha

Vusi and Tha

On-site Software engineer student

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So many ways to pay

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focus on your studies.

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Are your Immersive bootcamps accredited?

HyperionDev is accredited with the MICT Seta, and the Immersive bootcamp carries formal accreditation. This online course bears 30 credits, which is aligned to a NQF level 5 qualification.

Is the content of this online course the same as your other coding bootcamps?

While some of the learning material of this online course is closely aligned with the content of our other courses, all the tasks in this bootcamp are completely new. This new content was drafted to allow past students to get a refresher of the fundamental concepts, while still being able to test and expand their knowledge in new ways.

How is the immersive course different from the online or on-site coding bootcamps?

This online course covers both core and advanced principles in a greater level of detail compared to the other single-track bootcamps. What’s more, our immersive bootcamp contains all new tasks and programming modules – such as PHP, and advanced JavaScript – specifically chosen to help you develop more advanced skills as you study web development and software engineering. This allows you greater flexibility and options to enter into a career in tech.

I don’t have any background in coding, IT, or computer science. Can I still apply for the immersive bootcamp program?

While a background in computer science, IT, or programming isn’t required to apply for this online course, you will still have to complete an application that assesses the way you think about and approach problems. The limited acceptance rate and immersive nature of this online course means that you will have to readily demonstrate skills in logical thinking and problem solving before you can join the immersive bootcamp. This application process is more intensive than our other online bootcamp programs, which are open for anyone to join without an application.

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No coding experience required

Study from anywhere

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