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Introduction to Programming

Programming is becoming an indispensable skill in the 21st century. This course will provide a distilled, comprehensive introduction to programming in Python.

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Java Programming Essentials

This course serves as your introduction to programming and to the Java programming language. You will learn the basic concepts and master the fundamental skills you need to code in Java.

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PHP & Web Development Essentials

An introduction to web programming language PHP. Learn how to build websites that your user can interact with such as an online blog or events application.

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Introduction to Mobile Development

Begin your journey into the basics of mobile development and learn how to design and create applications using the world’s most popular mobile operating system - Android.

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Introduction to Web Development

This course investigates how web applications connect with databases to implement features like user registration, posting messages, etc. Web applications exist to allow interaction and...

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Python Software Developer

The course is designed to build intermediate programming skills using the Python programming language. It emphasises problem solving through the explicit development of algorithms...

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Full Stack Web Developer

Build dynamic, database-driven sites using the technology that powers sites such as Instagram and the New York Times. This course will teach you both front and backend web development using...

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Introduction to Data Science

Without organisation and interpretation, data is essentially useless. This course equips you with the fundamental skills needed to analyse data and construct meaning from data.

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Advanced Software Engineering

Covering both the basics and more advanced concepts, this MicroDegree will allow you learn the industry's most popular languages: Python, Java and C#.

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Become a specialist with Learning Paths

A combination of 3 courses with 9 months of mentor support

Certified Full Stack Web Developer

Build dynamic, database-driven sites using the technology that powers sites such as Instagram and the New York Times. Learn JavaScript, HTML, Python, CSS and more.

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Certified Mobile Developer

Become a mobile developer and build applications like Snapchat, Pokemon GO, or Uber. This course will prepare you for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam.

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Certified Software Engineer

Software Engineering is the construction of software to solve specific business problems. This is much more than just coding.

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Human review of your code as you learn, within minutes

No getting stuck with frustrating automated marking on your code - any code you submit on our courses is hand-reviewed and marked by one of our full-time, on-demand mentors and returned within minutes so you can rapidly learn how to write high quality code


Code review whenever you want, no waiting for a mentorship call

Daily Chats

Get responses from your mentor in seconds with live chat, available for the duration of your course

Get job ready

Human review allows you to learn how to write code that is of the same quality as required in development jobs, getting you job-ready faster

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We've mentored over 9000 students, here are their stories

The mentor aspect really sets it apart because even though it's "self-paced", the mentor is around to help whenever you need them.

- Andrew Chester

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We've mentored over 9000 students, here are their stories

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