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Change careers with a Bootcamp

Take a 6-month, part-time bootcamp in Web, Mobile or Software Development with daily mentor support
full stack

Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Master HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, React, Python, and Django in 6 months part-time to guarantee your future as a web developer.

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mobile dev

Mobile Developer Bootcamp

Master Java and Android in 6 months part-time to be able to develop apps like Snapchat, Pokemon GO, or Uber, and guarantee your future as a mobile developer.

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software engineering

Software Engineer Bootcamp

Master Python, Java, algorithms and Data Science in 6 months part-time. Learn to apply your development skills to solve business problems to industry standards and guarantee your future as a software engineer.

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Upskill with a Short Course

Take a 3-month, part-time short course with daily mentor support

intro to computer science

Introduction to Computer Science

This introductory course explores the fundamental knowledge that forms the basis of computational problem solving. It introduces the learner to programming and builds their skills through a challenging yet inviting set of tasks.  

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c++ essentials

C++ Programming Essentials

Learn to program with a comprehensive beginner’s introduction to C++, a stable, well-supported modern programming language. Great for first-time programmers.

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c# essentials

C# Programming Essentials

Introduction to programming. Learn the basic concepts and master the fundamental skills you need to code in C#.

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intermediate python

Python Software Developer

The course is designed to build intermediate programming skills using the Python programming language. It emphasises problem solving through the explicit development of algorithms to solve challenging computational problems

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java software developer

Java Software Developer

This course introduces you to intermediate Java programming. We explore language specific tools as the learner works through fairly complex programming tasks.

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data scientist

Introduction to Data Science

Without organisation and interpretation, data is essentially useless. This course equips you with the fundamental skills needed to analyse data and construct meaning from data.

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