Why HyperionDev?

HyperionDev was founded with the mission of leading the growth of software development and computer science in South Africa.
Now we've taken that passion and built a platform for you - the developers - to find your dream career!

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We know the difference between Java and Javascipt, and we know you're not in 'IT'. You'll only find real software development opportunities here.

Trawling through generic job classified sites isn't what you want as a developer: you're results-oriented, and you only want the most relevant careers.That's why we're different: we're a team of software developers and computer scientists, so when we carefully curate each job listing, we understand the technologies and the languages so we're confident what you see is a real technical job worth applying for.

Only the best tech companies

We've sourced the best programming jobs across Southern Africa and globally. Find jobs from top companies like Google and Amazon.

Our team makes sure we have the right connections, so we can show you jobs that help you make your own successful connections. We've taken the time to build up strong ties between HyperionDev and the big names in the technology industry. These companies are wanting to hire the best developers, and by applying through HyperionDev Careers, you can be sure your application won't go unnoticed.

Job search built for you

View detailed information about roles, including the technologies you'd work with.

The software development paradigm is a critical part of HyperionDev Careers. When you sign up, you'll be asked for the technologies you like, and the technologies you don't. In this way, your entire search experience morphs to match your skillset uniquely: it's like having a personal assistant curating your opportunities!

Your dream career, found on your terms

Create a profile, sit back , and get contacted by the top tech companies globally - not just in South Africa.

A job search should be all about choices. We'll give you just that: once your profile is fully completed, you've got the choice to investigate our job opportunities yourself, or let our accelerated job matching system match you to the job we think is best suited for you. All you'll need to do is check your email.