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Full Stack Web & Software Engineer

Applications close Sep 1

Become a master of software engineering and full stack web development principles in our most comprehensive and in-depth bootcamp. This 6-month bootcamp blends online and face-to-face sessions to provide you with a deep and extensive set of tech skills to meet all the demands of the modern workplace.

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6 months full-time
40 hours per week
3-month internship

Next start date

5 Sep 2020

Earning potential up to

R80,000 per month

Web developer or
software engineer -
why not both?

This full-time course teaches the most in-demand languages and frameworks to ensure you are able to begin a lucrative career in tech. Learn how to manage the front and back ends of a website, create software applications and manipulate data. You will have access to 1-on-1 mentorship, video calls, and professional career support services, with a guaranteed 3-month internship after graduation to cement your skills.

At the end of this 6-month online course, you’ll be able to build websites, manage databases, and create applications, and have the confidence to fill the demands of any tech position.

Launch your career as a developer

This certified bootcamp is due to be accredited under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

What you'll learn

Learn to code through our new, blended method of learning proven to get you coding better and entering the workplace faster. Begin with the basic concepts of web development, software engineering, and database management and then progress to highly advanced programming methods and techniques. This bootcamp uses well-paced, structured modules to teach you HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Java and SQL, as well as PHP and the MERN stack. Regular capstone projects ensure that you can create functional applications, websites and programs of your own, just as you would in any tech job. After this 6-month bootcamp, you’ll be placed in a guaranteed 3-month internship, so that you can practise your new skill set in a professional environment.

Programming fundamentals

Introduction to programming essentials

Master the basics of programming, web development, and data management through variables and operators.


Comprehensive web development

Learn to use HTML, CSS, and SCSS to create beautiful, working websites.



Introduce added complexity and functionality to your websites through the JavaScript library.

Version control with Git

Version control

Learn how to use the Git and GitHub platforms to keep your webpages and projects up-to-date and working.

Capstone projects (4)

Put your knowledge to the test to create useful programs.

Java and OOP

Learn to use Object-Oriented Programming to create arrays, input and output data, and solve practical business problems.

Recursion and refactoring

Learn how to improve your code to be more efficient, effective, and immune to future problems.

Advanced databases management

Hone your ability to create, store, edit and use large databases, for a variety of real-industry applications.

Documentation and hosting

Get to grips with these essential features of good programming. Improve the quality of your code, before learning how to show your creations to the world.

Capstone projects (3)

Expand your previous capstone projects with new functionality and advanced applications.


Full stack development essentials

Learn PHP and HTML as you grasp necessary basics of full stack development, including server-side rendering, client-side rendering, and single-page applications.

Website creation and database use

Website creation and database use

Create working websites on Wordpress, complete with plugins and advanced functions that use SQL server and other technologies.

Advanced Javascript

Advanced JavaScript

Brush up on JavaScript basics from previous modules, before taking on advanced functions and applications in the JavaScript library.

Advanced front-end and back-end  web development concepts

Advanced full-stack concepts

Take a highly immersive exploration of MongoDB, Express, React.js, Node.js to learn how to manage and improve both the front and back ends of your websites.

Capstone projects (3)

Use your advanced full-stack knowledge to create fully-fledged games and web applications.

Career profile

Continuous career development

Receive ongoing support and access to our developer community post-graduation. Maximise your potential during the job search process with tips on interview readiness.

Launch and build your brand

Build your brand

Our career support staff will ensure you have an attractive Linkedin page and CV, as well as help you set up and expand your GitHub and online portfolios.

Placements and employment visibility

Placements and employment visibility

Get job interviews from our dedicated placements team. Mix with your peers and large recruiters alike in our by-developers, for-developers online community.

Build your professional software developer with an internship

Practise your skills in a professional work environment

Once you complete your bootcamp, get straight to practising your new coding skills with a guaranteed 3-month internship.

You'll get the most out of
your education

Course application checklist
Our bootcamp application process

Apply to join and put your logic skills to the test. Our criteria ensures we only accept the best and the brightest into our cohorts.

Learnign to code
A new way of learning to code

Enjoy a new, blended way to learn code, with 1-on-1 mentorship from experts, video chats, code reviews, and on-campus check-ins.

HTML tag symbol
Write industry-quality code

Learn to write code at the standards that the biggest tech giants expect.

Quality checklist
Quality course content

Learn core concepts from a wide range of computer science fields in a highly structured way.

Career coach avtar
Career coaching

You'll get full support on technical interviews, CV building, portfolio creation, and placement.

Guaranteed internship after graduation
Guaranteed internship

Gain practical work experience in a 3-month guaranteed internship after your bootcamp studies.

A learning structure designed to make you succeed

Detailed professional feedback

We don’t just correct your mistakes. Our mentors give constructive feedback and detailed guidance on how to improve your code via your student dashboard.

Frequent on-site check-ins

Receive personal assessment and work towards formal certification with our regular on-campus check-ins.

Regular video chats

You’re always connected to professional advice and coding guidance, with regular one-on-one video chats.

HyperionDev virtual campus

Meet your fellow students and work together in a rich peer learning environment. Find and share coding knowledge with people just like you.

Setting your schedule

Study full-time in this immersive course and become a multi-talented industry-ready developer within 6 months. You’ll enjoy access to code review and feedback from industry experts in real-time. Look forward to working your way through industry-aligned course content that will empower you in your new career.


  • 40 hours per week commitment
  • Code review & feedback within 36 hours on weekdays
  • 12 on-site check-ins
  • Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions

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