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3-6 Months

Next start date

5 July 2020

Earning potential up to

$200,000 per annum

Data Science Bootcamp

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Data is only as valuable as the person interpreting it. With our Data Science Bootcamp you learn how to use the right software and techniques to read visual and statistical data and present it in a way that solves real world problems. Master the Python programming language, learn the fundamentals of machine learning, and start using data science libraries such as scikit-learn, NumPy, Matplotlib and pandas. As data becomes the world’s most valuable resource, the demand for data scientists is off the charts and projected to grow further. Master the tools, techniques and knowledge required to think like a data scientist and switch to this highly valued, sought-after career.

*The reported outcomes above are calculated from our most recent Graduate Report compiled with data collected from graduates of Hyperion in 2017 and 2018. To understand how these outcomes were calculated and to see all the details download the full report here.


This comprehensive bootcamp teaches you Python, the essentials of probability and statistics for data analytics and visualization, data science libraries such as NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, and fundamental concepts of machine learning. Build your data science skills to launch an in-demand, valuable career in six months.


Introduction to Programming

Get acquainted with the basics of Python, a powerful and popular programming language used extensively in data science.



Learn how to define and call functions that accept parameters and return values. As a Data Scientist, you’ll often define functions to solve problems that data poses to you.

object orientated

Object Oriented Programming

Gain an understanding of abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism to give a good design to your Python code.

language processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Learn how to deal with text and speech. Transform text into tabular data and build models to extract topics and detect spam. Use libraries like SpaCy that solve NLP problems.

relational data

Working with Relational data

Learn how to efficiently store and query your data from a relational database using the Structured Query Language (SQL).

data analytics

Data Analytics

Learn to use Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy and pandas that you’ll need, in order to effectively handle a broad set of data analysis problems.

data exploration

Data Exploration

Get to know your data through exploratory data analysis. Learn to summarize your dataset through descriptive statistics.

data visualization

Data Visualization

Learn how to connect and visualize your data. Create visualizations that are able to explore and communicate insights about your data.

introduction statistics

Statistics for Machine Learning

Learn statistical theories such as correlation and causation. Understand probability concepts such as the Bayes’ Theorem and the Bias-Variance trade-off that inform machine learning models.

intro machine learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

Understand fundamental concepts of machine learning such as supervised and unsupervised learning. Explore the theoretical background for all of the algorithms we are going to implement.

supervised learning

Supervised Learning

Learn to implement classic machine learning algorithms using scikit-learn. Get to grips with regression, classification and decision tree problems. Explore neural networks and their applications.

unsupervised learning

Unsupervised Learning

Learn algorithms that cluster, transform and visualize insights from the data. Explore the use of Latent Semantic Analysis to find the relationship between pieces of text.


Bootcamp certificate

Walk away with a newly minted certificate as evidence of your skills and expertise in software engineering.

CV Prep

Technical CV and portfolio

Receive technical assistance in getting your CV industry-ready according to accepted best-practice format.

Interview Prep

Interview preparation

Know what to expect when getting ready for that big interview with expert interview preparation from professionals who have been where you are.

Hiring Partners

Join our hiring network

We work with select hiring partners to place our students in new jobs within six months of graduating. There are also internship placements available with select partners.

What you get

Receive personalised mentorship and career coaching as you work your way through industry-aligned course content. With industry-standard code reviews, professional feedback and direct referrals to our handpicked hiring partners, you are well on your way to landing the dream job you’re after.


Our bootcamp trial

Before you purchase a course, complete our bootcamp trial course at no cost, and learn Python and data science basics online with our free trial. Get a taste of our content before committing fully to the Data Science bootcamp, and see how we help support your data science career goals.


Personalised mentorship

Advance faster with the support of a full-time coding mentor. It’s just you and your mentor, who’s available for tailored feedback. All our mentors have Computer Science degrees and are expert coding educators.


Write industry-quality code

Never feel stuck with direct feedback on your code submissions. Your mentor assesses the accuracy, style and efficiency of your code to align to industry standard, and provide actionable feedback.


Quality course content

Enjoy access to up-to-date, relevant and industry-aligned course content. Feel confident, whether you’re learning Python, popular data science packages, or machine learning essentials. Our courses are continually reviewed to align to latest industry needs.


Career coaching

Post-graduation, receive career support and guidance including technical CV review, preparing for tech interviews, direct referral to our hiring partners and potential internship placement at select partners. Most graduates switch to a new career within six months of graduating.

Want to read more about our advanced human mentoring?

How our mentorship works

Benefit from unlimited 1:1 expert mentor support, and get your code and assignments reviewed by your dedicated mentor. Available live chat, email, phone and video call support ensure you’re never alone as you work your way through our industry-aligned course content. Access hundreds of programming examples and exercises, tailored by your mentor to fit your specific career goals.


The mentors that guide you learned their craft at CoGrammar, and have studied for years specifically towards a career path as a full-time code reviewer and bootcamp mentor. CoGrammar runs the most selective programme in the world for sourcing and training for this unique career path, which is designed to maximise the success of bootcamp students around the globe.


1-on-1 support

Detailed professional feedback

Have your code reviewed for quality and accuracy, and whether it’s aligned to industry standards. Benefit from professional feedback by your dedicated mentor who’s available to share insights and expertise to inform your coding.

Personalised schedule

Regardless of your time zone, you receive personalised mentoring at a schedule and time that suits you. Your mentorship is planned around your schedule.

Regular video chats

Through regular video chats, you have direct access to industry expert code reviewers who will answer your questions, check in with you throughout your journey, and provide feedback on your coding.

Coder community

virtual campus

HyperionDev virtual campus

On this online forum, you can engage with the wider community of HyperionDev, including students, alumni and our other mentor staff. Meet fellow students in your cohort and bootcamp. Chat to HyperionDev staff about your career placement post bootcamp. Share resources, memes and Youtube videos, as well as posting your code snippet to figure out why it’s not running. In addition to your personal mentor, weekly calls and code submissions, this online forum will make sure you will always have someone to turn to.

Meet your mentors

Work 1:1 with a mentor, a specialised trainer who’ll review your code to make sure it’s accurate and aligned to industry standard. Your dedicated mentor is available for personalised mentorship to guide you throughout your journey and help you master the course content. Look forward to professional feedback, frequent video calls and a personalised schedule tailored around your needs.

Mentors powered by

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Mas’ood is a HyperionDev alum. After completing his Accounting degree, he decided to pursue his real passion in programming which he learned in high school. He completed programming courses with HyperionDev and was subsequently hired as a mentor. He has been mentoring students for 2 years now and has mentored over 500 students.



Valerie Moyo is a mentor who reviews course content and has an M.Sc. in Computer Science. She enjoys coding because of the challenge and numerous learning opportunities it presents. She is passionate about teaching and believes that anyone can code. She enjoys being a mentor as she gets to spark coding interest within different people from different fields/industry which she finds awesome.



Melanie holds a PhD in IT and lectured and taught various IT disciplines at universities and colleges in the UK and South Africa for several years before joining HyperionDev. She enjoys teaching and developing content for students to help them achieve their learning goals.

Develop your portfolio

Enter the job market upon graduation with a comprehensive portfolio, and vie for competitive roles in your new career. You’ll complete capstone projects throughout the bootcamp which will populate your portfolio, showing off your newly acquired skills to prospective employers, and illustrating your capabilities.

intro prog

Python for Data Science

Complete 3 capstone projects in this level.

Use your knowledge of programming in Python to create a useful program. Challenge yourself through a project on introductory Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis.

data analytics

Data Analytics and Exploration

Complete 3 capstone projects in this level.

Learn about databases and work on a system that communicates with a database. Put your knowledge of data science, analytics and visualization to the test in two comprehensive tasks.

data science

Machine Learning and AI

Complete 3 capstone projects in this level.

Using machine learning principles, build an image recognition classifier. Learn about neural networks and reinforced learning, and build up a portfolio of relevant work through two more capstone projects.

Setting your schedule

Whether you are studying full-time or part-time, you’ll enjoy access to code review and feedback from industry experts in real-time. Set your schedule that suits your needs, and look forward to working your way through industry-aligned course content that will empower you in your new career.


10-20 hours per week commitment

Code review & feedback within 48 hours on weekdays

Complete up to 25 coding tasks each month

Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions


40 hours per week commitment

Code review & feedback within 36 hours on weekdays

Complete as many coding tasks per month as you want

Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions

Payment structure

Become a professional data scientist in six months with our data science bootcamp. We have numerous payment options to make it easier to empower yourself with these new skills and expertise.

Choose between our monthly payment plan, our installment payment plan, or upfront payment plan, whichever suits your pocket.

Commit 10 hours per week to become a developer or data scientist within 6 months

Most flexible option

Pay At Your Pace



Pay monthly and cancel whenever you want

Save 17%

Split Payment


Two installments

Pay for the full bootcamp in 2 installments

Most popular option

Once Off



Pay for the full bootcamp upfront

Master your career change in 3 months, training 40 hours a week

Most flexible option

Pay At Your Pace



Pay monthly and cancel whenever you want

Most popular option

Once Off



Pay for the full bootcamp upfront


We make it even easier for ambitious and passionate students to learn to code, and switch to a rewarding career as a software developer or data scientist. Learn more about the scholarships HyperionDev currently offers.


37% off bootcamp tuition

If you are currently a full-time student or unemployed in South Africa, then you qualify for this Needs-Based Scholarship for South Africans. This scholarship was created in hopes of making high quality coding education possible and accessible to all. Apply for the Needs-Based Scholarship and receive 37% off your bootcamp tuition using our monthly payment plan. Available to residents of South Africa only.

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Career services

We’re with you every step of your journey, and our support doesn’t end when you graduate. Our career services are developed to help you stand out from the crowd, and grab the attention of top employers.

We provide technical CV insights and interview preparation, and connect you with our select-hiring partners.



Validate your newly acquired skills with a certificate of completion from HyperionDev upon graduation from an online coding bootcamp.


Technical CV and portfolio

Receive technical assistance in getting your CV industry-ready according to accepted best-practice format.


Interview preparation

Know what to expect when getting ready for that big interview with expert interview preparation from professionals who have been where you are.


Join our hiring network

We work with select hiring partners to place our students in new jobs within six months of graduating. There are also internship placements available with select partners.

What our alumni say

Throughout the years, we’ve helped many people acquire new coding expertise and sharpen their skills as they prepared to embark on new careers. We can tell you a lot about our bootcamp, personalised support, instant feedback and industry-aligned course content. But we believe our past students say it best.

How to enroll

We’ve made it easy as can be to enroll on our online bootcamps. Follow the simple steps below and secure your spot on our industry-aligned bootcamp and lay the foundation for a successful career in coding.

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Choose your bootcamp

Select the bootcamp you’d like to enroll for.

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Choose a payment plan

Upon completion of trial, upgrade to full bootcamp. Select any of our flexible payment plans when enrolling.

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All our bootcamps start on the 5th of each month. Enroll today to secure your spot.


All your questions answered. Learn more about our bootcamp, your career questions and other important things you need to know.

What you need to know

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Want to know more about our bootcamp? Download the full syllabus, and learn more about this comprehensive coding bootcamp.

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The Graduate Outcomes Report provides you with an in-depth look into salaries, job titles and career outcomes you can expect after graduating from HyperionDev.

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