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Help and FAQ

You've got questions? We've got the answers!

General questions

I don’t have any background in coding, IT, or computer science. Can I still take your courses?

Sure you can. Many of our students successfully switch careers to programming after taking our courses, even if they were absolutely new to programming when starting out.

If your aim is to change careers, our 6-month, part-time bootcamps are designed to help you achieve that.

We offer the following specialized bootcamps, which help you transition from beginner to job ready:

  1. The Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp enables you to build dynamic, database-driven sites.
  2. The Mobile Developer bootcamp, co-created with Google, helps you become an Android developer and prepares you for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam.
  3. The Software Engineer bootcamp goes beyond coding and teaches you how to construct software in various programming languages to solve specific business problems.
  4. The Data Science bootcamp empowers you to master the tools, techniques and knowledge required to work with data and become a qualified data scientist.

To enrol with us, you don’t need to have a degree or prior technical background - with the personalized mentor support we provide, all you need is discipline, persistence, and a willingness to work hard and learn to code :)

I don’t have regular access to the Internet. Would that be a problem as all your courses are online?

Our students don't need access to the Internet everyday. Our course delivery is designed so that you can download the course material and work on your tasks off-line. Once you are connected to the internet, all the work in your folder automatically gets synchronised with your mentor who will be notified immediately and will provide feedback right away.

What’s the difference between the part-time and full-time bootcamps?

Our part-time program is designed for working professionals who are actively pursuing a career change or progression. The part-time schedule allows you to continue working full-time in your current job whilst studying 10-20 hours per week at HyperionDev.

Our full-time program is just that—full time—which means you can put in over 40 hours a week mastering your craft and making your career change a reality faster. Full-time students get all their work reviewed faster and unlimited task progression. For more information, click here.

What is a bootcamp? What kind of bootcamps do you offer?

HyperionDev bootcamps are structured, part-time 6-month programs with progressive levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. Our bootcamps are designed to follow the learning path towards becoming a professional developer.

The Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp introduces the learner to web development essentials before teaching the technical specifics of building feature-rich web applications. To complete the learning path, you will focus on using frameworks to develop fully functional web applications.

The Mobile Developer bootcamp begins by teaching you programming essentials in Java before delving into advanced Java, and working with Android Studio. You will then move ahead to more advanced concepts including the implementation of the Android framework. By the time you complete the bootcamp, you’ll be ready to take Google’s exam to become an Associate Android Developer.

The Software Engineer bootcamp takes you beyond coding to teach you how to think like a software engineer. You will construct software in various programming languages to solve specific business problems.

The Data Science bootcamp empowers you to master the tools, techniques and knowledge required to work with data and become a qualified data scientist.

If you are undecided about which bootcamp best fits your learning requirements and career goals, just drop us a line and one of our mentors will schedule a call with you.

How is a bootcamp different from a short course?

Bootcamps are structured, 6-month programs with progressive levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. Our Web, Mobile and Software Development bootcamps aim to impart a comprehensive understanding in the domain you choose, as well as coding skills. They are ideal for those wanting to switch careers or become professional developers, because they cover the full learning path required for these careers.

A short course is a 3-month program. It is more focused on a specific domain and skill level. For example, our C# Programming Essentials short course is a comprehensive introduction to C#, while Introduction to Data Science is an advanced course that delves into data analysis and machine learning. Short courses are perfect for people who want to upskill in a specific area.

Visit our Courses page to browse through all our offerings and find a course appropriate for your skill level and learning goals.

Are your courses recognised?

Our courses have been recognised, awarded and endorsed by leading companies in the tech industry.

We have developed our content and curriculum in partnership with top-level, industry-relevant international organisations. We created our Android Mobile Development content in partnership with Google, and were selected by Google as its first Authorised Training Partner in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Our Java programming content has been endorsed by Oracle. Also, we have delivered our advanced Java training in partnership with Oracle and South Africa’s Department of Education. Our Python courses have received multiple awards and recognition from the Python Software Foundation. Also, Facebook and Internet.org awarded HyperionDev the Innovation Challenge Award Winner in 2016. They have been involved in funding the organisation.

We were incubated within the University of Cambridge, and have received support from the University of Edinburgh Development Trust.

Most importantly, our brand and courses are recognised by employers: 93% of our graduates get placed in the tech industry within 150 days of completing a course with us.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete the bootcamp or short course?

Yes, you will be issued a certificate of completion once you complete your bootcamp or short course. The certificate also lists all our content partners and supporting organisations, including the Python Software Foundation, Google, Facebook, and Oracle.

How likely am I to get employed as a programmer after taking a bootcamp?

93% of our graduates get placed in the tech industry within 150 days of completing a course with us. We aim to secure placement in your new career within 6 months of graduating from one of our bootcamps.

To accomplish this, we provide placement support and guidance during and after the course you take with us. This includes helping you with interview preparation, reviewing your CV and portfolio, directly referring you to our hiring partners, helping you network within the tech community, and facilitating internships at select partner organisations. Hyperion students have access to exclusive job listings and an up-to-date career platform - Hyperion Careers.

The demand for software developers has never been higher and our graduates have gone on to work as software developers. Read some of their success stories here.

How much time do I need to commit to complete one of your bootcamps or short courses?

We recommend devoting an average of 8 hours per week to complete a short course within 3 months, or a bootcamp within 6 months. However, our courses are set up in an extremely flexible way. If you find yourself running out of time, you can extend your course time by purchasing additional months of mentor support and access to the training material. This means you can take as long as you need to complete the course and gain the certificate, as well as the confidence to become a developer.

Can I get a free trial on one of your courses?

Yes, you can get access to a free trial on all our bootcamps. Simply register for an account and explore all the material and tasks offered in the free trial. This allows you to start coding and evaluate whether a specific bootcamp will match your needs. Although you won’t receive the full mentor support experience on the trial, you can sample the course material and you will be given opportunities to undertake some coding tasks.

Mentor Support

What kind of mentor support do you offer?

Hyperion’s mentor support pairs you 1:1 with an experienced mentor who assists you in learning at every step of the way and reviews your work within 24 hours.

Our mentors are Computer Science specialists who are trained to be full-time mentors to beginner/intermediate learners. They don’t just explain right from wrong; they provide personalized feedback on aspects such as improving code readability, following coding conventions, writing more efficient code, or translating structured solutions into code.

Mentor support means that any code you write gets reviewed by your mentor within 24 hours. You also get access to daily live chat and weekly video calls with your mentor to discuss any issues you’ve been facing. Our bootcamps and courses consist of several coding tasks. With each task, you iterate on the solution with your mentor until both of you are satisfied - this is what ensures that our learners complete the course with the confidence required to take on fully-fledged roles in tech and programming.

Towards the end of your course, your mentor also provides career guidance and support. This includes helping you with interview preparation, reviewing your CV and portfolio, directly referring you to our hiring partners, helping you network within the tech community, and facilitating internships at select partner organisations.

Learning to code without mentor support can be tough. We at Hyperion have partnered with educational researchers from the University of Cambridge to find the most effective way to help our students learn how to write industry-quality code faster.

How experienced are your mentors?

Our mentors are specialists in their domain who have been trained to be full-time mentors. They are experts with the ability to form a supportive connection with students to help them learn and graduate from their courses.

All our mentors hold university degrees in Computer Science, and have decades of collective academic and professional experience at institutions such as Google, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and the University of Cape Town.

Our mentors are hand-picked from among hundreds of applicants through a rigorous selection process that tests not only their technical skills but also their teaching and communication abilities. Many of our mentors have prior mentoring experience. Once selected, mentors undergo continuous professional development to ensure they remain at the cutting-edge of technical knowledge while constantly evolving as educators.

If I’m not enjoying my course/bootcamp, can I switch to another one while I still have some months of mentor support left?

While enrolled on a bootcamp at HyperionDev and provided time remains on your bootcamp, you can switch to another course or bootcamp. This will require guidance from your mentor to ensure the decision ties in with your expectations and career goals.

Can I postpone my start date?

Yes, you can pay now and choose to start at a later stage, however, we only allow up to 3 months at most to avoid any unforeseen complexities and to ensure consistent completion rates per cohort.

What are mentor sessions?

In addition to an ongoing daily mentor support, you get access to weekly 1:1 mentor sessions, either video calls over google hangouts or a phone call with a mentor. These are aimed at discussing any issues you’ve been facing and are structured around your personal needs and career goals. Your mentor will be with you every step of the way ensuring that your experience is enhanced towards your coding & future aspirations.

How do I get a mentor?

Once you upgrade to the full Bootcamp, you will be matched with the best suited mentor based on your current experiences, career goals and future aspirations. Hyperion mentors are full-time code educators, uniquely trained and employed to put your education and success at the centre of their careers and are available to you on a full time basis. Our mentor-student matching algorithms and criteria are carefully defined around your needs, a mentor’s domain expertise and ability to transfer & deliver the desired skill set.

How do mentor sessions work?

Mentor sessions happen weekly as you need them. To book a session, simply log into your portal and within your dashboard, there is a mentor-booking button which you can click to select the appropriate slot based on your schedule and mentor availability. During your session, you and your mentor will discuss in depth any specific topics, concepts and challenges you may be facing regarding the bootcamp.

How should I prepare for a mentor session?

It is advisable that you go through the relevant notes or exercises of a particular task you and your mentor will be going through as this will allow an effective and productive discussion around any difficulties thereof. As a golden rule, please also ensure you have jotted down any specific questions/aspects you would like clarity on from your mentor :)

What if I miss a mentor session?

In cases where you are unable to make an already booked session, please ensure you inform your mentor in advance if possible and cancel the booking. If not, please drop your mentor a message as soon as you get a chance and the two of you can work on when next would be a good time for the make up session.

Can I reschedule a mentor session?

Yes! Simply inform your mentor at least 24hrs before the scheduled time and agree on the next available slot that suits both of you.

Can I have more time with my mentor?

For sure, if your scheduled session time runs out and you still have more questions, simply check with your mentor if you can extend the session, based on the mentor’s availability you may then continue or simply set up another session for the next earliest convenience.

When should I arrive to my mentor session?

In order to get the best out of your session, it is recommended that you pitch up at least 5 min before your session start to ensure that you are well set up and have a stable connection so that your session can start right on time.

What should I do if my mentor is late or missed a session?

It is very unlikely that your mentor will be late or miss a session. Should that happen, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team at support@hyperiondev.com and they will assist urgently.

Who do I talk to about my mentor?

At any point in time, feel free to fill in the course feedback form as we’re always happy to hear from our students regarding their experience on the course & mentorship. This also helps us improve our service and enhance your experience to ensure that we meet your needs, so your feedback is highly valuable. Otherwise, our Customer Success team is always readily available to assist with any issues you come across during your bootcamp and you can get in touch with them at support@hyperiondev.com.


How does payment work?

We offer several payment plans on our pricing page. You can pay for your course instantly online (we accept all credit and debit cards), or pay into our bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer.

Are there any discounts or course specials?

Discounts are offered during promotion sales, which we mention on our social media and emails. Make sure you're following them. We also run several scholarships, which can be found on our scholarships page

Can my employer pay for a course?

Sure. Simply email sales@hyperiondev.com with any additional forms you need filled out to have the course fees billed directly to your employer by our sales consultants.

How do I pay online instantly?

Our online payment system is powered by Stripe and PayFast. To pay, select the appropriate option on the payment page and enter your card details on our SSL-secured payment portal. Payment will be processed immediately and we do not store or log any credit card information.

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

When will my first monthly payment be charged? Is this automatic?

Your first monthly payment will be charged on the day you set up the payment plan. Recurring monthly payments will automatically be charged the day before your support expires - i.e on the 4th day of each following month to your payment plan on record.

How does the two-installment payment work?

Your first payment, covering 3 months of support, will be charged on the day you set up the payment plan. The second installment will automatically be charged the day before your 3-month support expires.

Can I cancel my subscription at any point and get a refund?

We will offer you a full refund if you need to withdraw within the first 7 days after payment of your course fees. Please see our Refund Policy to learn more about cancellations and withdrawals.