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To be a Technical Content Developer at HyperionDev, you must have a passion for education and writing, fused with strong computer science and programming skills.  In this role, you will produce new high-quality instructional material in PHP / JavaScript / MERN stack / Java. You will also create assessment questions, content summaries, learning objectives, rubrics, and example solutions. You will analyse feedback from our students and reviewers and apply this to our content where necessary.  You will work closely with the Education & Customer Support department to identify gaps and issues in our existing content and fix these. The content you create and curate will benefit thousands of students on their path to becoming software developers and machine learning experts. To succeed in this role, you must be driven by the belief that our coding bootcamps can change the lives of those that participate for the better and make a lasting impact on the African and international EdTech ecosystem. RESPONSIBILITIES  Write new content in PHP / JavaScript / MERN stack / Java. Maintain and update relevant existing educational content related to the above. Take ownership of certain lessons in our existing content, and reorganize and reformat it.

 Qualification and Experience   Relevant Qualifications  Minimum 2 years working Experience  Must be able to work well within a team  Must be able to work in a highly pressurised environment   Must be able to work independently  

Our teams are small (5 max) and pack the punch of most 10 man teams (not joking). We automate stuff. We use AWS, so you should already have experience with serverless tech. Our Stack We build almost everything on the Serverless framework ( with AWS behind the scenes. We love React on the front, web and mobile. You should love the idea of this.

The Talent Acquisition Manager at CoGrammar has the crucial role of creating and implementing strategies for talent acquisition, while also supporting on talent retention, management and progression, through an understanding of CoGrammar’s medium to long term vision and priorities.  In this role, you will be building a diverse and skilled team at one of the fastest growing startups in South Africa. You will develop and guide CoGrammar’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and oversee talent acquisition for three functions - academic staff for HyperionDev, code reviewers for our niche code-review-as-a-service team, and core team members for CoGrammar. You will set the company-wide talent acquisition strategy in collaboration with the Human Resources and People Operations teams. You will drive talent acquisition both strategically and operationally, understanding our company culture and individual roles to recruit employees with a strong fit to the role and company. You will devise creative, non-traditional methods to attracting talent for sourcing candidates both online and offline (think open recruitment days, career events, developing partnerships, and more). You will also be involved in training & development of department leads on matters crucial to the business such as scorecard development for identified roles, skills gap assessment within their team, workforce planning, and strategizing for attracting the right kind of talent. To be successful in this role, you will be expected to: > Understand the vision and objectives of the company to visualize the right kind of talent for roles within various departments, and create a suitable talent acquisition strategy for the business; > Develop our employer brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP); > Drive talent acquisition both strategically and operationally, managing a team of internal recruiters; > Understand our company culture and individual roles to recruit employees with a strong fit to the role and company; > Participate in workforce planning to guide recruitment and retention, working alongside department leads; > Work with the executive team and department leads to assess and identify gaps in skills/values/competencies, on individual basis and team basis, for creating targeted training & development plans; > Build and manage relationships with external recruitment partners and hiring partners.

We are looking for a Backend Software Engineer to help us build tools to provide farmers across the globe with timely and accurate estimates of what they can expect to produce at harvest. These estimates include key information like fruit size, mass and colour that help farmers make critical decisions about how they manage their orchards, plan their harvests and sell to the market. Your contribution would consist of making impactful design decisions around infrastructure & architecture as well as being an important individual contributor - writing application code and getting your hands dirty. This Would Involve Working closely with our data scientists on integrating new machine learning models into our data processing pipelines. Building APIs to allow clients (external & internal) to access complex & rich datasets Improving efficiency, reliability and scalability of the system as a whole, taking cost and utilisation into account Occasional frontend product related features where necessary (bonus)