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HyperionDev Connect is where like minds meet. Every year, HyperionDev Connect hones the programming skills of thousands of developers from across the region, and puts them in touch with hundreds of the largest hirers in Africa by our specialised careers team.

If you’re looking for the best developer talent to join your team, HyperionDev Connect will put you at the heart of one of the largest communities of software developers in Southern Africa. Our successes in growing talent and connecting developers to high-powered tech careers is why Facebook & Google funded and partnered with HyperionDev in 2016 to engage with the developer community in the region.

No more CV mountains or endless searches. Just precise, quick results.

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HyperionDev Connect is run by real developers with thousands of hours and tens of thousands of lines of coding experience.

This expertise is what helps us find great developers who will fit right into your team. No matter how specific your technical skills requirements are, we’ll find someone who can start hacking on Day One.

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With HyperionDev Connect, you’ll have inside access and first-pick of industry-ready programmers who are skilled in the most in-demand technologies. Find the best talent out there for Web Development, Software Engineering, & Data Science roles in no time.

On behalf of the VMG Exco and development Managers, we wish to thank you for sending us such wonderful interviewees.

They met our needs precisely and even though they may be junior devs for now, we are confident that they will be able to pass their technical assessments and start their career paths with us here at VMG Software.

It is the first time we have worked with a placements manager that has met our needs so perfectly.
Congratulations to you and your team. Our appreciation could not be overstated.

- Alan Green, Managing Director, VMG Software

100+ Companies employ HyperionDev Connect developers
Over a hundred of the largest businesses and tech giants in Southern Africa and across the world have found their dream tech talent through HyperionDev Connect’s specialised recruitment team.

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It’s free to post as many job listings as you want. Whether you’re a small start up, or colossal corporation, it shouldn’t cost a thing to look for great talent.

Finding the developer who’s perfect for your team shouldn’t carry a world of risk. With Hyperion Connect, you pay only when you’ve found the devs you’re looking for.

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We have some of the lowest market rates around, and have a range of packages that are flexible to your specific needs. Give us a call to find out how you can pad your dev team at a fraction of the usual cost.

To learn more about HyperionDev Connect or for help posting a job listing, contact us on or +27 (0)78 300 7644

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