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We're not a jobs board. We're a community. Our job adverts get distributed across the Hyperion network, the most active community of developers in Southern Africa.

Over 20 000

Developers from across the region hone their programming skills on the Hyperion Portal - Southern Africa's first online course platform for programming, share expert programming knowledge on the Hyperion Hub, and participate in the wider developer community through the Computer Science Association of South Africa - a project of Hyperion Development.

That's why Google and the Python Software Foundation have chosen Hyperion as their partner for South Africa, representing Computer Science and software development training and recruitment throughout the country.

General job boards or recruitment companies don't even come close.

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Hyperion is run by software developers. We'll make sure your job is seen by developers who actually have the right skills.

Define the specific technology skills you're looking for - such as Python, Java, or even specific libraries like Django.

Hyperion Careers is run by experienced developers who've previously worked at places like Google - we'll make sure the right developers see your adverts.

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Hyperion Careers is used by Computer Science graduates from the most prestigious institutions across South Africa
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