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Job description:

As a Freelance Code Reviewer at CoGrammar, you should ideally be experienced in carrying out technical, high-quality code reviews and would possess strong programming skills in one or more of the following:

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Databases (SQL)

  • APIs

  • Spring

  • Express

  • UI / UX

  • Python

  • HTML / CSS

  • C / C++

  • iOS development (Swift)

  • PHP

  • Pandas / Matpotlib / similar skill

  • Statistics and R

  • Machine learning

  • Excel / VBA

In this role you would be a member of our freelance code reviewer network. This is a network of technical experts who can review code in a variety of contexts, both education and business. Reviews can range from a quick 10-min feedback session on a basic piece of code, to a 1-hour technical interview with tech job applicants.

To fit this role, you must be driven by a hunger for excellence. You must possess an uncompromising and critical attitude when it comes to code quality, and have a passion for people development. You should be technically capable and confident to advise on code reviews, offering a supportive and educational experience to the individual/s you are assessing. You should strive to improve the code’s quality, structure, readability, and efficiency in a systematic manner. 

Are you excited by the enormous impact this work can and will have in assessing and improving the quality of code around the world? Then this role is for you! 


As a Code Reviewer, you not only fill one of the most key roles in our organisation, you define what we are.

In this role, you will be responsible for completing, and will own the quality of,  the technical code reviews we provide to our international partners (some of the biggest brands in technology, recruitment and education headquartered in the US, UK and Europe).

A growth mindset is essential because at any point in time, you could be invited to work on an advanced-level curriculum or a new technology stack in order to meet the requirements of our partners. Therefore, continuous training, further learning and specialisation will be an integral part of this role.



  • A degree, diploma or certificate in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, or another relevant field (Informally acquired skills welcome too).

  • 1+ years of programming experience or teaching experience in one or more of the above mentioned stacks/technologies. (Skills acquired through informal learning are welcome too.)

  • A keen interest in working with code from the perspective of assessing and improving code quality. 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Meticulous attention to detail.

  • Fast learner and enthusiastic to train in new stacks/technologies. 

  • A problem-solving and positive attitude.

  • Start-up mentality and the desire to see CoGrammar succeed.

  • An interest in the future of code education and online learning.

  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills.


  • 1+ years of peer or professional mentorship experience, in any capacity.

  • 1+ years of programming or teaching experience

  • Active involvement in local and international tech communities.

About company:

CoGrammar is an edtech startup that is dedicated to closing the global tech skills gap. We achieve this by integrating human mentorship and code review into the world's leading tech education brands. CoGrammar has also built and scaled its own coding education product - HyperionDev - which supports learners from over 40 countries in changing into fulfilling tech careers. HyperionDev rebranded to CoGrammar in August 2018.CoGrammar is recognised as one of the top edtech startups in Europe, Middle East, and Africa and in 2016 won first prize in Facebook's Innovation Challenge, gaining financial backing from both Facebook and Google. CoGrammar was originally launched from the University of Cambridge by Computer Science graduates and our senior leadership comprises of world-leading talent out of places such as Google, Amazon, Groupon, and 2U. We're a people-first company with a purpose that underlines everything we do. We're obsessed with the potential in people and challenge them to do their best work. We embrace a culture of growth and learning to deliver on our vision and ours is a relentless quest for improvement.

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