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The Talent Acquisition Manager at CoGrammar has the crucial role of creating and implementing strategies for talent acquisition, while also supporting on talent retention, management and progression, through an understanding of CoGrammar’s medium to long term vision and priorities.  In this role, you will be building a diverse and skilled team at one of the fastest growing startups in South Africa. You will develop and guide CoGrammar’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and oversee talent acquisition for three functions - academic staff for HyperionDev, code reviewers for our niche code-review-as-a-service team, and core team members for CoGrammar. You will set the company-wide talent acquisition strategy in collaboration with the Human Resources and People Operations teams. You will drive talent acquisition both strategically and operationally, understanding our company culture and individual roles to recruit employees with a strong fit to the role and company. You will devise creative, non-traditional methods to attracting talent for sourcing candidates both online and offline (think open recruitment days, career events, developing partnerships, and more). You will also be involved in training & development of department leads on matters crucial to the business such as scorecard development for identified roles, skills gap assessment within their team, workforce planning, and strategizing for attracting the right kind of talent. To be successful in this role, you will be expected to: > Understand the vision and objectives of the company to visualize the right kind of talent for roles within various departments, and create a suitable talent acquisition strategy for the business; > Develop our employer brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP); > Drive talent acquisition both strategically and operationally, managing a team of internal recruiters; > Understand our company culture and individual roles to recruit employees with a strong fit to the role and company; > Participate in workforce planning to guide recruitment and retention, working alongside department leads; > Work with the executive team and department leads to assess and identify gaps in skills/values/competencies, on individual basis and team basis, for creating targeted training & development plans; > Build and manage relationships with external recruitment partners and hiring partners.

We are looking for a full stack developer to produce scalable software solutions. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment and post production support. As a full stack developer, you should be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. You should also be a team player with a knack for visual design and utility. Be familiar with agile methodologies and techniques but also being pragmatic about the approach.

As a Freelance Code Reviewer at CoGrammar, you should ideally be experienced in carrying out technical, high-quality code reviews and would possess strong programming skills in one or more of the following: Java JavaScript React Databases (SQL) APIs Spring Express UI / UX Python HTML / CSS C / C++ iOS development (Swift) PHP Pandas / Matpotlib / similar skill Statistics and R Machine learning Excel / VBA In this role you would be a member of our freelance code reviewer network. This is a network of technical experts who can review code in a variety of contexts, both education and business. Reviews can range from a quick 10-min feedback session on a basic piece of code, to a 1-hour technical interview with tech job applicants. To fit this role, you must be driven by a hunger for excellence. You must possess an uncompromising and critical attitude when it comes to code quality, and have a passion for people development. You should be technically capable and confident to advise on code reviews, offering a supportive and educational experience to the individual/s you are assessing. You should strive to improve the code’s quality, structure, readability, and efficiency in a systematic manner.  Are you excited by the enormous impact this work can and will have in assessing and improving the quality of code around the world? Then this role is for you! 

Full Stack Developer with a strong focus on PHP development using MVC frameworks. Ideally, you should have experience in using Linux and have experience in working with containerized environments such as Docker or Vagrant. You will be programming mostly e-commerce systems by utilizing Craft and CakePHP.

We are looking for a PHP Back-End developer to join our awesome team of coding pro’s. You have the passion, experience and skills to create custom, complex and automated database-driven web apps, websites and systems. You also have a desire to grow and learn within a creative & fun environment.You have a high attention to detail, meticulous work ethic and the ability to produce high quality code.