Android/iOS Developer

Johannesburg - South Africa



1 years experience

Job description:

Roles and Responsibilities (Include but are not limited to) • Maintain day-to-day operations of existing app on Android & iOS platforms including troubleshooting, designing, and coding. • Reconcile product requirements with an understanding of both iOS and Android internals. • Design and Implement new app features and integrate such with existing app. • Enhance existing app to take advantage of new capabilities in the iOS & Android ecosystem.


• Fluency in SWIFT, XCODE (IDE) and the iOS ecosystem. • Fluency in Java and the Android mobile development platform. Bonus: 1+ year developing mobile app software on iOS. Bonus: 1+ year developing mobile app software on Android. Bonus: Understanding of Codeigniter as a php framework.

About company:

MeetDchef is a startup multi-restaurant food delivery app in South Africa that currently focuses mainly on delivering local food. We connect local food vendors across the country to a wide array of local food lovers.We are a customer-centric organization and our service gives local food lovers the opportunity to order their favorite meal and delicacies from their favorite local restaurants/vendors from the comfort of their homes/offices with various restaurants and dishes to choose from.Our app is available on google play store and iOS AppStore.

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