Data/Backend Engineer

cape town


2 years experience

Job description:

We are looking for a Backend Software Engineer to help us build tools to provide farmers across the globe with timely and accurate estimates of what they can expect to produce at harvest. These estimates include key information like fruit size, mass and colour that help farmers make critical decisions about how they manage their orchards, plan their harvests and sell to the market.

Your contribution would consist of making impactful design decisions around infrastructure & architecture as well as being an important individual contributor - writing application code and getting your hands dirty.

This Would Involve

  • Working closely with our data scientists on integrating new machine learning models into our data processing pipelines.
  • Building APIs to allow clients (external & internal) to access complex & rich datasets
  • Improving efficiency, reliability and scalability of the system as a whole, taking cost and utilisation into account
  • Occasional frontend product related features where necessary (bonus)


To be successful in the role you will require experience with:

  • Writing well-structured, performant backend applications in Python
  • Implementing scalable APIs within a micro-services architecture
  • Working within containerised environments (taking CPU / Memory requirements into account)
  • AWS Infrastructure (Bonus)
  • Angular / equivalent frontend frameworks (Bonus)

AND You Are Confident In Your Ability To

  • Understand the tradeoffs between different design patterns and infrastructure choices for batch processing and data storage
  • Work autonomously in a small team to solve complex problems
  • Mentor junior team members and grow expertise across a team
  • Be productive in a high-stakes environment

About company:

Our vision: Building intelligent tools to feed the world.Our mission: We are a data analytics company using aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimise crop performance for farmers around the world. We make it possible for farmers are able to interact with this data through our mobile and web applications.History: Since founded in 2014 by James Paterson (CEO) and Benji Metzler (CTO) we have grown to an 80+ people team.Our impact to date: We have helped farmers manage +/- 80 million trees with clients in 18 countries, including Africa, USA, Spain, and Australia.Our Offices: Right now we have 2 offices; Cape Town and Los Angeles. + remote offices around the globe.

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