Senior Front End Engineer

cape town


4 years experience

Job description:

SweepSouth is in search of a new full-time team member to join our technical team of engineers. This position will be available immediately. The successful candidate will need to be based in Cape Town. We currently operate in major areas of South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Centurion and Pretoria; and we are rapidly expanding into new areas. We're looking for a talented Front End Engineer to join our growing SweepSouth engineering team to work on the core components of the SweepSouth platform. You'll be primarily tasked with helping us rapidly scale our products.


    • A solid understanding of CSS, semantic HTML and core JavaScript concepts.
    • Very proficient in coding vanilla JavaScript, you should have strong Javascript knowledge and understand scope, inheritance, classes, and de-structuring.
    • Experience with React is essential, you will need to understand the React Lifecycle, state management and best practices.
    • Experience with Redux or an equivalent is highly desirable, again it is important that you understand how to manage state efficiently in complex applications.
    • Able to write CSS that is compatible across abroad range of devices, experience with CSS-in-JS frameworks such as Styled Components is a bonus.
    • Experience building and debugging complex systems in a team environment.
    • Experience working closely with the product team, designers, and other developers.
  • Bonus points:

    • A background in UX design and experience working with Design Systems.
    • Experience developing native app features such as location and video.
    • Experience developing testing suites for front-end and back-end services.
    • Have worked in a tech startup environment.
    • Functional programming background.

About company:

We provide a convenient way to book home cleaning services online from a phone, tablet or computer, connecting clients to cleaners in minutes. By bringing technology into the process, we aim to modernise the domestic cleaning services industry. The idea for SweepSouth came in December 2013 when husband and wife team Alen Ribic and Aisha R. Pandor struggled to find a part-time domestic cleaner over the holidays. The aim was to make getting your home cleaned, at short notice, a hassle-free experience. SweepSouth currently operates in most areas of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Centurion and Pretoria and will be expanding into other regions soon. SweepSouth was awarded first place in the SiMODiSA Startup South Africa pitching competition, and was the first South African company to be included in the 500 Startups Accelerator.

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