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Over 95% of our alumni reach their career outcomes through HyperionDev

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The reported outcomes above are calculated from our most recent Graduate Report compiled with data collected from graduates of HyperionDev from 2017 through 2021. To understand how these outcomes were calculated and to see all the details download the full report here.

72% of our grads secured a job within 3 months of graduating

We get you to your outcomes

- Xavier

From Motor Mechanic to Software Developer at Pepcor IT

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"Despite prior university studies in programming, I struggled to land a tech job. I found a new job as a software developer within 2 weeks of completing HyperionDev's Web Development course.”

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- Khethani

From Business Management Graduate to Strategic Consultant at IBM

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"HyperionDev's Software Engineering course helped me go from unemployed to a tech role with IBM that has changed my life."

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- Yusuf

From Customer Support Associate to Mobile Developer at Rapid Deploy

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“After 2 years of struggling to get into the development industry, HyperionDev’s Mobile Development course helped me land a job that has me creating apps used in the real world.”

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- Joel

From Tour Operator to Software Developer at MIP Holding

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“The three months I spent studying with HyperionDev took me from being an absolute beginner in coding to someone who actually felt like they could be a software developer.”

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- Lawrence

From Unemployed Graduate to Software Engineer at Andile Solutions

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“HyperionDev, with their excellent guidance and structure, resulted in my learning, in a few months, what would have taken more than a year on my own.”

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- Ismail

From IT Support to Web Developer at ITM Assist

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“2 months after I completed the course, I landed a job as a web developer doing what I love and developing web programs and solutions that benefit others.”

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- Merousha

From Site Engineer to Mobile Developer at The Reach Trust

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“As a full-time mobile developer, I’m very happy about the exciting opportunities ahead and the new stimulating environment.”

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- Gina

From Office Manager to Web Developer at Cartmell Communications

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"4 months after I completed my Web Development Bootcamp, I landed a role in my dream career as a web developer."

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How long does it take our alumni to
find a new job?

72% of our graduates that switched into a career in tech found their new career within 3 months of graduating. All of our bootcamps include career coaching, interview preparation, and referral to our hiring partners that ensures you can get a return on your education as quickly as possible.

Switching to a career in tech

How much more do our graduates earn in
their new careers?

Our graduates earn, on average, 114% more per year after graduating. That's more than double their pre-bootcamp salaries. Invest in an education that returns its cost to you in months, not years.

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Job titles in which our
graduates are employed

Our graduates pursue careers as web developers, software engineers, data scientists, and associated roles in tech. We set out to allow you to move into the most lucrative and fulfilling careers in tech.

IT career job titles


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- Johan

Top notch service delivery! You begin to understand just how amazing programming is and how much can be accomplished with a few lines of code.


- Logan

The team has been awesome and the one-on-one interactions and support weekly really help! Looking forward to completing.


- Thabo

Very good platform to establish your programming journey! I’ve never seen such talented and highly equipped tutors on the programming world.


- Adrian

The quality of the material is great and up to date and 1-on-1 support offered by their mentors is great for getting through difficult parts.


- Fanie

Of all the tutorials and online courses I’ve done, HyperionDev’s course content was by far the best. Considering taking another course from you.


- Chris

HyperionDev is the best provider out there. Comprehensive material delivered in a timely manner and my mentor provided feedback when I needed it.


- Joel

From the time I signed up everyone I’ve been in contact with was helpful and friendly. My mentor always got back to me quickly and marked and uploaded new tasks quickly.


- Greg

The team at HyperionDev were unbelievably helpful and very accommodating and I am beyond grateful for their understanding and support.


- Jason

Quality online courses with top notch instructors dedicated to helping you master your programming language of choice.


- Kyle

I found that the course covered all aspects of each language. I now feel comfortable using the languages covered in the Certified Software Developer MicroDegree.


- Ahmed

I have used the skills learnt to gain the edge in programming classes while studying towards my Diploma in Computer System Engineering.


- Tiaan

Nice teaching method, easy-to-follow examples, covers the important stuff, extra opportunity for playing around and getting used to using code.


- Yolanda

It was a great experience studying with HyperionDev. I have gained such knowledge that will set the foundation of my future.


- Muneer

Great support, mentoring, curriculum and advice. Amazing experience, creating competent, capable, job ready developers


- Sipho

The Mobile Developer Bootcamp turned out to be a great experience. Cheers to the awesome mentors who are always there to help when needed.


- Jordan

HyperionDev has provided an easy, clear and applicable learning experience for me, who previously knew little about coding. Amazing team, amazing work.


- Omeshan

6 months later, here I am with a completed Software Engineer qualification and getting ready for job interviews. The team at HyperionDev has been beyond amazing.


- Clarinda

HyperionDev is friendly, helpful and sincerely invested in their students. I would recommend anyone to join this [Software Engineering] course.


- Stefan

The tasks are hard and challenging - how it should be. My mentor was always there if I got stuck or did not understand a piece of code. I recommend them 100%.


- Chris

The quality of the material is great and up to date and the 1-on-1 support offered by their mentors is great for getting through difficult parts.


- Merci

The support was great and the course helped me not only improve my programming skills but also think like a true programmer.


- Munetsi

HyperionDev offers unique coding training that meets industry needs. You’ll be referred to their industry partners for jobs and never be left alone.


- Dashan

HyperionDev is reasonably priced compared to others and the staff are always helpful and accommodating. It’s definitely opened up many opportunities for me.


- Neil

The mentors are always ready to help. Within 3 months of registering for my course I already had my first Web Developer interview.

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