Siyavula Education
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Skills we're looking for:
Postgresql SQL Alchemy Python

Full-Stack Python Developer

Siyavula Education

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa



4 years experience

Job description:

You would be working within a relatively small team of software devs (±5) who work closely with each other and the rest of the organisation. We have adopted some industry best practices and want to see your skills grow as much as you do. At Siyavula, you’ll be exposed to automated tests, static code analysis, peer review and a culture that is big on constant learning. Our development process is focused on being agile, but not slavishly adherent to any one way of being agile and we’re figuring out a lot of stuff as we grow and as our product grows.

At Siyavula you would:

  • craft features to make learning more effective and fun, improving maths and science education;

  • forge tools to help teachers see where students are struggling and to gauge the effectiveness of their own teaching practices; and

  • build software tools that our own team of super-heroes can use to function at their best.


We’re interested in finding keen minds that want to make a difference - in South Africa and around the world. We value continuous learning, using MOOC’s, participation in local conferences (eg. PyCon) and/or any other approach that helps you to become better at what you do.

We’re looking specifically for an experienced dev for this role (4+ years in web development) - a battle-hardened software craftsman who's fought with programming challenges and won!

We use Python, Pyramid, SQL Alchemy, PostgreSQL, Jinja, SASS and git. If you don’t know some of these but still think you’ve got what it takes, get in touch and we'll send you our coding challenge so you can amaze us.

About company:

Siyavula is an educational technology company with a mission to create and enable engaging, integrated, high-quality learning experiences in Mathematics and Science.


A world in which learning is celebrated and pursued; education is accessible; curiosity is embraced; sharing isfundamental to our being; and technology is empowering, for each and every individual, each and every day.


Our mission is to create and enable engaging, integrated, high-quality learning experiences in Mathematics and the Sciences; to have a long-lasting, enriching impact on learners and teachers in South Africa and globally; to constantly seek out and build the most relevant, effective technology whilst remaining rooted in the science of learning and instruction; and to engage and motivate young minds, helping them to master and develop the skills our future needs.

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