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PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML Developer
  • Junior
  • R15,000 - R20,000
  • Johannesburg
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    We deformulate and manufacture fragrance compounds in South Africa. By doing this we offer an import substitute to companies that use fragrance compound in locally produced products. This usually has a massive price benefit and local responsiveness.We achieve this by use of GCMS and Tech Specialists that have created system management and data management software with the following stack : PHP, JavaScript, SQL and HTML.We are looking for intelligent thinking problem solvers that are adaptable and insightful as well as self driven and are good finishers of things they start.We have a culture of results, i.e. 99% done = zero % done.If you bring the results you will love the rewards Scent Lab brings. i.e. remote working, forced leave and more.If you are up for a challenge apply today.After application we will email you a tech-eval which needs to be completed and submitted before we interview you.