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    Our Vision:We are passionate about making IoT accessible, effective and useful to companies, no matter their size or industry. Our Mission: We strive to transform operations through IoT by enabling customers to manage a large number of IoT assets remotely, in real-time, via our Business-Ready IoT Platform & Services. Our Business-Ready IoT Platform & Services include: - IoT Edge Devices - SIM Estate Management- Device Estate Management- Multi-Network APNs & SIMs- Geo-Located Redundant System - Onboarding Services- 24/7 Local Technical Support - Team of Expert EngineersHow it all started: Our story goes back as far as 1996, when our founder Ross Hickey, came across IoT chipsets in Hong Kong and decided to bring them to South Africa. It wasn't long before IoT was booming, but few knew how to use it – yet. We wanted to make IoT accessible to our customers, so we set out to understand why IoT projects kept failing. What we uncovered, shaped the future of our business: Juggling IoT while managing a growing business is a recipe for disaster!IoT projects are complex, high-risk operations that require customers to have: - Deep domain expertise, - Engineering, infrastructural and other resources, - Partnerships with key industry players, and- Time to develop an IoT platform that works. In light of our discovery, we started building an end-to-end solution that would enable growing companies to focus on their core business, while we manage their IoT estates. Today, Trinity is an end-to-end IoT Software as a Service Company, with a team based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We support over 165 customers across 25 industries, enabling them to harness opportunities made available through IoT.