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Upskill your employees in IT with an
Online Coding Bootcamp

HyperionDev and WISE have partnered up to provide WISE members the opportunity to upskill their female employees through Online Coding Bootcamps. Employees can continue with their current roles, working part-time to develop their new skill set, supported by HyperionDev’s online learning environment and daily mentoring.

HyperionDev offers 6 month, part-time Online Coding Bootcamps in Web, Mobile and Software Development. This affords employees the ability to take a structured course to advance their skills in tech in a flexible manner while continuing with their role. All students are paired with a 1:1 mentor who reviews tasks daily and gives feedback on code submitted to help you learn faster.

Apply Below

Please select whether you are an employer or employee as different awards apply. You will be contacted by a course advisor within 72 hours to discuss this further.

We'll never share your information with 3rd parties.

More about the scholarship

The scholarship is valid for our three most popular coding bootcamps:

Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp

Software Engineering Bootcamp

All these bootcamps are 6 months long and taken online and part-time with a commitment of 8-10 hours needed per week. Students on these bootcamps receive access to their own 1:1 mentor who reviews and returns the code with tailored feedback on a daily basis.
See how it works here.

Bootcamp Breakdown


Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Go from Beginner to Advanced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, React, Python, and Django. See full syllabus here.


Data Science Bootcamp

Go from Beginner to Advanced in Python and use popular data science packages like scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, pandas and Matplotlib and classic machinen learning models.. See full syllabus here.


Software Engineer Bootcamp

Go from Beginner to Advanced in Python, Java, Machine Learning, Data Science. See full syllabus here.

Terms & Conditions

Scholarship awards vary in value according to whether you are an employer purchasing courses for a group of employees or an individual employee. Awards range from 15% to 25% off the full tuition price.

The scholarship applies to employers/individuals who have chosen the Upfront payment option of £3555 for any of HyperionDev’s 6-month bootcamps, including Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp, Data Science Bootcamp and Software Engineer Bootcamp.

To apply, you need to fill in out the above form. A course advisor will contact you within 72 hours to discuss your employees or own career and learning goals. HyperionDev reserves the right to limit scholarships due to interest. We also reserve the right to move the bootcamp’s start date out due to mentor availability.

This scholarship is only valid for members of WISE. Applications will be validated in this regard.

WISE Members applying for a group of more than 5 employees, will receive 25% scholarship per employee’s tuition fees. Those applying as individuals will receive a 15% scholarship on upfront tuition fees.

Unfortunately, the scholarship cannot be combined with any other tuition reduction. All interested participants not currently enrolled are applicable for the scholarship. Upon graduation, those who have received a scholarship agree to provide a success story to HyperionDev.

HyperionDev reserves the right to amend the scholarship terms and conditions at any time, at its sole discretion.