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Black Coffee invested in us and wants to invest in you


“I am proud to announce that I have made an investment in @hyperiondev through @flightmodesa. I am joining in on their mission to assist the economy by focusing on new methods of enabling essential tech skills to the continent.“


HyperionDev has partnered with Black Coffee to bring essential tech skills to the people who need them. Together, we hope to reach thousands of people in our mission to close the global tech skills gap through our affordable, accessible, and personally mentored coding bootcamps.

Now it’s your chance to tell Black Coffee why you deserve a coding bootcamp scholarship. Keep reading to find out how you can get Black Coffee to pick you for a 100% funded HyperionDev coding bootcamp.

How to win a HyperionDev Coding Scholarship with Black Coffee


In January 2021, we’re making tech education accessible to all. We’re giving away full scholarships to deserving dreamers with big ideas and plans for technology.

Over the next few weeks, let us know why you think you deserve a scholarship funded by Black Coffee and many other prominent investors around the world. All you have to do to enter is tell us why you deserve your piece of R3.5 million worth of coding scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements

We're looking to make education accessible to those that deserve it most.

To enter the competition,you must have a household income of less than R16,000 a month, and we reserve the right to verify those that apply.

Additionally, if you pay for and/or start your bootcamp with HyperionDev in 2021 while the competition is still ongoing and win a Scholarship, you'll receive a refund for any fees paid prior to winning.

  • Get passionate and tell us why you should be funded. What’s got you this far in your journey? What company do you dream of working for? What's your ultimate tech job? What great things do you want to build with your world-changing coding skills?

  • Get creative. Record a 60-second video and write an essay Excite us with your plans and goals, and you could get your coding bootcamp paid for in full. Short and powerful is better than long and boring.

  • Submit your entry below and keep an eye out on our social media channels in January 2021. We’ll choose the best submissions and post them live for the world to see.

There will be multiple categories of winners to ensure everyone has a chance to secure this exciting opportunity! We can’t wait to see your story. Submit your entry below.

Submit your entry

HyperionDev reserves the right to share your story on social media. View the full terms and conditions here.

Why a HyperionDev coding bootcamp is the best choice you could make for your career in tech

Our bootcamps are designed to offer quality content paired with personalised mentorship, powered by expert code review at affordable rates. Click here to read more about our courses.

  • Learn in-demand coding skills

    Learn in-demand coding skills

  • Graduate in 3-12 months

    Graduate in 3-12 months

  • Get a rewarding career

    Get a rewarding career

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