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C# Programming Essentials

Short course (3 Months, Part-Time)

Introduction to programming. Learn the basic concepts and master the fundamental skills you need to code in C#.

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Course overview

This course is an introduction into C#. We will cover all the essentials of the language in order to open the doors to a deeper study of programming in C#.

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Course syllabus

Our courses are designed to help you learn programming skills through practice. Here are the practical projects you'll complete with the help of a mentor as part of this course:


Sharpening Your Mind

Start understanding the C-Sharp language, and how we can use its power for ourselves. We'll learn how to think like a programmer, figuring out how to store information and use it to add some flexibility to how our code works. Alongside this, we'll also be finding out how to handle the situations where our code doesn't quite work out as expected.


Data for Thought

We'll begin to see how we can make our programs start making their own basic decisions based on data and logic. But programming isn't just boredom and work, especially here where we figure out how to start making our own simple games through the power of C-Sharp;.

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What our alumni say

Throughout the years, we’ve helped many people acquire new coding expertise and sharpen their skills as they prepared to embark on new careers. We can tell you a lot about our bootcamp, personalised support, instant feedback and industry-aligned course content. But we believe our past students say it best.

Why take this course?

Computer science isn’t only for those that want to be programmers. This course teaches you how to think logically, through powerful methods like decomposition and abstraction. It develops problem solving skills that you can apply outside of the context of technology. You also learn the valuable skill of programming, which is becoming more important in the technological economy we’re in.

As much as non-technical people can benefit from this course, this doesn’t diminish its value to aspiring computer scientists. You will be challenged, and learn the fundamentals on which your future studies will be grounded in. A vital course to take.

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