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Hyperion for Corporates

Software development training for your team

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Hyperion is partnered with and financially backed by both Facebook & Google. Click here to learn more.

Take your team to the next level

Hyperion is a trusted training provider in the rapidly changing fields of software development
& Computer Science. We offer specialist, mentor-led courses on the most industry-relevant
technologies, methodologies, and techniques.


Available on your          premises or fully online


From just 1 of your team,to groups of 100

We specialise in:


Intro to Programming and Computer Science

We offer programming courses ranging from beginner level up to advanced. Supported by both Oracle and the Python Software Foundation, we are one of the largest trainers of Java, Python, C++, and C#/.NET in Africa.


Web Development

We offer Full Stack Web Development training, ensuring competency in both front end and back end web development using technologies such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/Java Servlets/Python Django.


Web Development

We offer a full stack web development that specialises in front-end, and back-end web development that includes: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/
Java Servlets/Python Django.

data science

Data Science

Through our links with the University of Cambridge and Edinburgh, we are a leading trainer of data analytics and machine learning.


Mobile Development

We deliver Africa's first certified Android mobile development course in partnership with Google.

Modes of Delivery:


2-5 Day trainer-led workshops on your premises.

Fully Online

Part-time over a 3 month period.

Blended Learning

Online and 1 face to face session on your premises per week.

Choose a training package for your team

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Fully online
Part-time,over 3 months

Online and 1 face to face session on your premise per week

2-5 day trainer-led workshop on your premises

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Tailored content

Introductory Programming

Certified Software Development

Web Development

Mobile Apps Development

What are the key things you'd like your team to be able to do?

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Number of attendees:

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B-BBEE and Workshop Training Programmes

Having trouble understanding the new B-BBEE codes?

Hyperion is a B-BBEE Level 1 with 100% black ownership and 51% black women ownership. Hyperion has a procurement recognition of 135%.
Companies training with Hyperion can claim points under Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development for their B-BBEE scorecard.

Get in touch to see how you can get the most out your SDL claim and maximise your B-BBEE scorecard.

Yazeed Peters

B-BBEE consultant


    (+27) 21 409 7880

Yazeed Peters

B-BBEE consultant


(+27) 21 409 7880

Contact us for more information on tailored content or delivery

Andrae Smith

Marketing and Relationships Manager


     (+27) 21 409 7880

Andrae Smith

Marketing and Relationships Manager


     (+27) 21 409 7880

Hyperion's services are trusted by the following partners and clients:

tried testedtried tested

Expert trainers, cutting-edge content

We've partnered with the worlds leading tech and research firms to bring the highest quality
training to the African market. Through our headquarters in Cambridge, we've formed course
content collaborations that ensure our trainers and courses are at the highest international
standad possible.


The best way to find software developers in South Africa


Attract the talent you need

We're not a jobs board. We're a community. Our job adverts get distributed across the Hyperion network, the most active community of developers in Southern Africa.


Find the right skills

Hyperion is run by software developers. We'll make sure your job is seen by developers who actually have the right skills.


Find the best developers

Hyperion Careers is used by
Computer Science graduates from the most prestigious institutions across South Africa.