PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML Developer



Not specified years experience

Job description:

We have a current system build on the mentioned technologies that needs to be expanded. PHP is crucial for this role. (in future node.js may be employed so it may be good to know to expedite this tech into our stack) We need to build inventory management modules. BOM creation and Assembly modules. Invoicing modules to link with XERO accounting API. The above are only a few modules that need to be completed.


You need to be a thoughtful problem perceiving and understanding what the actual problem is, understand how the user of a specific module will interact with it, Understand how best to approach the solution to the problem with PHP and Javascript to pull and manipulate the relevant data in our database. Once you apply you will be sent a short tech evaluation that will give us a view into how you would solve a problem that is fundamental to how our system currently works. Once you submit your solution to the tech eval we will engage in further discussions and you will be asked to complete a small module to link into our system. If you get this far and the module works ... you are welcome to join the team :)

About company:

We deformulate and manufacture fragrance compounds in South Africa. By doing this we offer an import substitute to companies that use fragrance compound in locally produced products. This usually has a massive price benefit and local responsiveness.We achieve this by use of GCMS and Tech Specialists that have created system management and data management software with the following stack : PHP, JavaScript, SQL and HTML.We are looking for intelligent thinking problem solvers that are adaptable and insightful as well as self driven and are good finishers of things they start.We have a culture of results, i.e. 99% done = zero % done.If you bring the results you will love the rewards Scent Lab brings. i.e. remote working, forced leave and more.If you are up for a challenge apply today.After application we will email you a tech-eval which needs to be completed and submitted before we interview you.

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