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2 years experience

Job description:

We are looking for an experienced .NET developer with more than three years’ experience, to join our Fabrik team and work on products hosted on the Azure platform.

Our company is proudly headquartered in Umhlanga (KwaZulu-Natal), South Africa. Due to our way of working, this position is best suited to those who live in or are able to move to the Durban area.

As a successful candidate you would

  • Be directly involved in creating high-performance, scalable .NET API’s for the various platforms on Azure, as well as mentoring junior developers in the team.
  • Actively contribute to ideation, strategy, implementation and iteration of features and functionality for Fabrik.
  • Uphold our values of service, quality, maintainability, design and iteration in a teaching and learning environment.
  • Be accountable for creating and maintaining world class applications.
  • Receive the opportunity to learn more about the Azure platform, to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer if you would like, and contribute to creating intellectual property that is proudly South African.


We expect from you as a successful candidate that you are competent and experienced with the following:

  • Git
  • ASP .NET and ASP.NET Core
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure DevOps (VSTS)
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch
  • FFmpeg
  • API profiling, benchmarking and performance optimization
  • Working in a DevOps environment

You should be able to recognise yourself in the following:

  • A professional who understands that best results are achieved through collaborating with others, and not just in working alone.
  • A natural-born teacher who will do what it takes to up-skill the people around you, and has an opinion on what constitutes great work.
  • Career-focused with the motivation to forge one’s own path to success within a high-performing team.
  • The diligence and discipline to get things done, no matter the level or perceived cachet of the task.

About company:

Since its inception over a decade ago, immedia (pronounced as "immediate"​ without the "te"​) has been dedicated to the belief that the rise of digital means the rise of "real-time"​. Developing the understanding to integrate the digital chaos, filter the noise and eliminate "lag"​ has been our defining principle.As a result, we have created a unique culture that has allowed us to provide globally innovative solutions to our clients, while being rooted in an African sensibility. Our team spans fresh-faced youngsters changing their world, to grizzled veterans from enterprise IT, media and communications - creating a unique fusion of energy, experience and daring.Our holistic solutions delivery is enabled through sister businesses East Coast Access (a founding pioneer of SA's internet industry) and Geek Patrol, a boisterous post-PC service and support division.We have the unique capacity to provide strategic consulting, custom app/software development, cloud infrastructure and device supply, integration and support i.e. we span the entire solution and offer you a single management team.We also offer in-house native development/design skills in all major eco-systems - iOS, Android, Microsoft, online, social and content - and we’re currently working with a few of South Africa’s leading brands to navigate from their analogue present to a digital shore.

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