Fullstack Engineer

cape town


2 years experience

Job description:

Full Stack Developer with a strong focus on PHP development using MVC frameworks. Ideally, you should have experience in using Linux and have experience in working with containerized environments such as Docker or Vagrant. You will be programming mostly e-commerce systems by utilizing Craft and CakePHP.


You need to have a good eye for UX and have experience in front-end development using JavaScipt, JQuery and possibly have some knowledge in React, Angular and other modern front-end stacks.

About company:

Lima Bean is a leading full service digital agency founded in 2005. Lima Bean specializes in strategy & planning, creative design, technology delivery, measurement & analysis and ongoing digital marketing. Lima Bean has a proven track record, long standing relationships with leading brands and bases its success on top quality people and having processes that are effective and in line with recognised standards.Our teams have very different areas of expertise but are equally passionate and dedicated to delivering world class digital solutions and campaigns.

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