Placements Coordinator

cape town


2 years experience

Job description:

As the Placements Coordinator at HyperionDev you will be working to ensure that our graduates are placed into tech careers after completing one of our coding bootcamps. 

This involves making sure that students nearing graduation are on track to be ‘placement ready’ with stellar technical portfolios and up-to-date placement profiles on HyperionDev’s own developer placement platform called ‘HyperionDev Connect’. Your role will also include introducing non-HyperionDev graduates to HyperionDev Connect, and signing up both junior developer applicants and suitable tech employers onto the Connect platform. You will act as a talent advisor to our graduates, and to Connect applicant developers in general, match them with suitable roles and companies, and support them in progressing towards placement. 

You will also assist in generating and qualifying potential leads for our Recruitment Account Executives to ensure the optimum use of their time liaising with hiring companies. You will need to reach out to these leads with the aim of generating employer interest in hiring our developer graduates. Once the Account Executive confirms a hiring partner, you would then be responsible for supporting the matchmaking, interview scheduling and feedback communication between the hiring companies and our developer candidates. 

The Placements Coordinator  will also be working closely with the marketing team to coordinate and report on the effectiveness of top of the funnel lead generation campaigns in order to better target, expand awareness of our developer placement offering and the product development of the HyperionDev Connect platform.


  • Ensure our final-level students and graduates are completing the technical and portfolio work required to have them ‘Technically Ready’ for placement.
  • Ensure that final-level students and graduates create Connect profiles.
  • Facilitate our final-level students’ and graduates’ applications to companies on the Connect platform.
  • Regularly check-in, support and monitor our graduates’ placement efforts. 
  • Facilitate non HyperionDev graduates/final-level students in creating profiles and applying to jobs on Connect, and supporting them in getting placed.
  • Assist with interview scheduling and candidate availability through the hiring companies’ recruitment process.
  • Help optimise the Account Executives’ time by generating positive leads and building successful relationships and understanding the  needs of companies hiring our graduate developers.
  • Manage our applicant and company leads database on the CRM accurately and efficiently to ensure a healthy pipeline.
  • Identify potential hiring companies and manage progression tracking of leads through the pipeline to accurately depict the progress of graduate placements.
  • Update graduate placement trackers with the hiring companies outcomes and update the CRM with feedback on their recruitment process and record reasons for unsuccessful placements.
  • Support and drive effective marketing initiatives for placing our graduates, provide feedback on lead quality and engagement ratio, and assist with the market segmentation and targeting strategy by providing feedback on most likely to convert hiring company profiles.



  • At least 1 year of experience in a recruitment, sales, account management, or sales coordinator role
  • Understanding of the technical recruitment market in South Africa
  • Outstanding reporting skills and experience with CRMs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Fast learner, meticulous attention to detail.


  • A relevant tertiary qualification would be preferred 
  • Prior tech startup experience in a high-growth and ambitious environment
  • At least 1 year experience with email automation and campaign outreach
  • Experience with lead generation and market research for business development
  • Interest / experience in the coding education and ed-tech space

About company:

CoGrammar is an edtech startup that is dedicated to closing the global tech skills gap. We achieve this by integrating human mentorship and code review into the world's leading tech education brands. CoGrammar has also built and scaled its own coding education product - HyperionDev - which supports learners from over 40 countries in changing into fulfilling tech careers. HyperionDev rebranded to CoGrammar in August 2018.CoGrammar is recognised as one of the top edtech startups in Europe, Middle East, and Africa and in 2016 won first prize in Facebook's Innovation Challenge, gaining financial backing from both Facebook and Google. CoGrammar was originally launched from the University of Cambridge by Computer Science graduates and our senior leadership comprises of world-leading talent out of places such as Google, Amazon, Groupon, and 2U. We're a people-first company with a purpose that underlines everything we do. We're obsessed with the potential in people and challenge them to do their best work. We embrace a culture of growth and learning to deliver on our vision and ours is a relentless quest for improvement.

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